As you may or may not know there is currently a worldwide flu virus occuring casually known as ‘Swine Flu, I’m not blaming anyone on the matter but I believe it has something to do with Mexicans and to say that London managed to keep its swine flu ‘outbreak’ swept under the carpet would be a total lie, During the UK and London’s Swine Flu summer crisis, I was working for ISIS… and thus feel fully trained and rather overly experienced in anything relating to this charming virus. It was not the first time and I doubt it will be the last time that I have felt utterly grateful for my amazing ISIS summer… Basically despite being scanned at the aiport, the Korean government are still utterly paranoid about westerners bring swine flu to their country, and on the day I arrived (or possibly the day before) they suffered their fourth death from the illness. So precautions have been put in place ‘just in case’ precautions that essentially involve all foreign teachers being quarantined for the first seven days. Now, I was vaguely aware this could happen (and I reckon if they had found my commemorative ISIS tshirt in my suitcase I would have been put back on a return flight immediately) and initially despite thinking great I’m spending my first says in Korea locked in my apartment, I was happy to discover that this quarantine for foreign teachers in Korea means something slightly different. As opposed to being confined to my apartment for 7 days, I am allowed out to roam free, in fact the only place I have not been allowed to go to is the school building itself. I have been shopping at the same supermarkets, walking the same streets, wandering around the local hospital and hanging around with all my new colleagues, so in fact the quarantine has actually elad to a rather relaxing holiday!

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