Chasing the Sun

I have never flown east to west in such a great quantity, I mean I have flown to Austria, Tenerife, Malta, Portugal all of which are vaguely west but from Dubai to Seoul on a night flight well that is a totally different story. So i’m sitting there, contemplating the fact that Emirates are serving ‘curry’ as part of their ‘breakfast menu’ and getting over excited about the pouch of joy that has just been handed out (it contains a toothbrush, eyemask and is also the perfect size for a case for my camera which has previously been lucky to survive with no protection apart from sometimes a sock) when I notice the guy in front of my gawping through the window shutter that we have just been asked to close. Being inquisitive as always I decide to follow suit and wow… you know when you see something thats just so wow you get butteflies? Well I got butterflies, I know, I know you probably think I’m totally crazy but hey ho. Now like I said this is a ‘night flight’… well when I got on the plane it was 3am and pitch black in Dubai, but 8 hours later I know its going to be 1600 in Seoul and somehow we have to catch up on the light, but to see it in action to watch the sky fade from dark to a pure bright light as you move through nightime in to day light well that blew me away…. I obviously annoyed the fellow passengers and grabbed my camera from its new little pouch and started snapping away and the results… well take a look for yourself….

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