The journey has really started….

I landed on Wednesday afternoon at 1600, a mere 24 hours behind schedule and was immediately hit by the conventions of Korea, after having to fill out the fairly intrusive immigration leaflet and getting myself utterley convinced I would be thrown into prison for hiding a whisky miniature (a present) in my suitcase I managed to get off the plane alongside my now approximate 20 kilos of handluggage (I amassed a further 2 bags in Dubai Duty Free) only a pale shade of green and decided that it would be best if I just followed everyone else… We had to take a small train (where people queued in beautifully organised lines) from where we arrived through to the arrivals halls, via picking up luggage and being scanned for A(H1N1) – more on that later but within what felt like nano seconds I was in the arrivals hall searching for John my agent who I hoped was holding a sign with my name on it. No need to panic, he was there in optimum position right in front of where i popped out and was immediately running over (to say I was obvious would have been an understatement) to grab my laden trolley. We headed to his beautifully air conditioned car alongside his colleague Alex and headed from Incheon International Airport to Munsan and my school which was about an hour away (north of Seoul, to find it on the map keep eyes to the left and find the border between north and south and move your eyes down, on a map its tiny but as I was to soon discover thats not quite the case!) The car journey was an eye opener, I had read about how green the Korean landscape was but amazed by how green it actually is, I mean the whole country is covered in lush green mountains and hills its breathtaking. We chatted about what I knew about Korea, discussed the toll cards required to use Korean motorways and had an amusing conversation about a resturant that is a reconstructed boat and a monsoon, again time was leaping forward at an unreal pace and before long we were pulling up to the school….. This was where the confusion started to occur, originally I was set to have a tour of the school, John would then follow my teacher in a car and we would head to my new apartment so I could settle in however with Swine Flu on high alert in Korea the plans quickly started to change and I got totally confused….

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