The joys of apartment living… Korean style.

The UK government, especially those in London could learn a hell of alot from the Koreans when it comes to individual living spaces. I am in love with my apartment, ok so that love is currently on several different levels and occasionally drifts towards fear and hatred, however the essentiality of the apartment ie the size and the layout is fricking perfect. Like adorably perfect. Like, when I get back to London I would love an apartment exactly like the apartment I have but finding one in London is going to be pretty damn impossible and the annoying thing is that these perfect sized apartments are the state of norm all over Korea, they have hundreds of huge tower blocks (yes a downside, however my block is a mere six stories) full of them. So the actualities of the perfect apartment… that are not quite so perfect. First of all I scrubbed it, with fair liquid, the whole place was covered in water, it has wooden floors so that was okay, I mean thats generally what happens when you move somewhere new, you clean the whole thing because you always expect it to be a little bit cleaner…. then i started ‘exploring’, i mean the place is 10 paces in length at maximum and probably about 7 wide but still… korean apartments have a lot to discover. 1. the wet room – it’s not a bathroom because it doesn’t have a bath and it’s not a shower room because the shower is a korean shower as opposed to a western shower, essentially its like the ones you get in some university halls without the curtain, the ones where the shower head is ‘just there’ and when you turn it on and the whole place gets soaked. Which is exactly what happened when I first used it, everything got wet and it was totally freezing cold because at this point i yhadn’t discovered 2. the thermostat. the bane of my life. I can’t work it yet it controls the water and heat in my apartment. I need it for hot water and in the winter I will need it for my underfloor heating and I thought i had cracked it, however then I woke up at 3am in what can most resemble a sauna, stepped out of bed to a burning floor and realised that I still didn’t have hot water but my underfloor heating was well and truly working (the temp is around 27-29 – you don’t want hot floors right now) I think i have now sorted it however it could all go wrong. 3. my balcony/conservatory esque section. is adorable,with a fabulous view great for people watching. it is home to my washing machine (don’t go there) and the extractor fan for my air con, so when the air con is on it gets filled with hot air and works as the perfect drying room/ steam room so essentially I reckon I could actually turn the whole place into a spa…. 4. Bedroom – it has a western bed (lucky me, i was having scary visions of sleeping on a mat for 12 months) a television ( a work in progress) and the world’s most useless wardrobe. 5. living space. the rest of the apartment compromises of a kitchen section and a dining section with a little table, fridge freezer, sink, hob, cupboards and microwave. All in all its great its just not all quite working yet….

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