Snakes, Turtles and Hedgehogs.

Last night on the way to Homeplus – Tesco I saw a dead snake on the ground. I hate snakes, It was disgusting and small but it totally freaked me out. I did manage to take a photo of it looking very dead on the ground. Homeplus has a pet section and I have decided in order to stop myself from purchasing something impractical like a puppy I am going to get some fish. I knew already they sell fish, gerbils and rabbits, however they also have turtles! I attempted to take a photo and if you look closely you can see about 8 baby turtles piled up under the lamp (the lighting was bad!) They also sell hedgehogs! They didn’t have any ‘instock’ but jeezus, maybe I will have fish and hedgehogs?? I actually saw a woman carrying hedhogs on the subway the other day and they did look really cute – apparently they are quite mean. I will just have to see if Homeplus gets any in, and if they do? Well I may be on a rescue mission!!

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