7-11 Day

At our school the students ‘earn’ stickers (they pretty much get three for turning up to every lesson’ and for every 15 stickers they earn they recieve one american dollar! They save the dollars and every few months the school holds an event day where the kids get to ‘spend’ their ‘dollars’. My first event day was based on the American convenience st0re 7-11, similar to Spar stores in the Uk, they basically sell cheapy toys and games, junk food, stationary and various random household stuff although in our case we just sold the toys and the junkfood (6 year old kids aren’t going to want to buy the other stuff)… Our director went out and spent a fortune on random colourful shiny ‘crap’ and we made it look pretty. I was with my coteacher Jenny and we set up our stall in my classroom (destroying it in the process after i had spent like 10 days making it organised!) The looks on the kids faces was of pure excitement, they went in to some kind of frenzy and were so happy at the end when they had spent their dollars they were even more excited when i got my camera out and took photos of them with their favourite purchases!. Most of the pictures are of my middle kindergarten kids Wonder 6-1. They are Korean age 6, british age 5, but some are actually 4… again due to the weird age system…

The kids bring giant bags in from to home to put their purchases in! Olivia, Brian, Frank, Peter and Alex waiting patiently!

My co teacher Jenny presenting our products, she is our supervisor and yes she is wearing knee high socks and a mini skirt. this is tame…

All of Wonder 6-1, I love Peter and his bowl haircut!!

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