Dongdaemun, Cheonggyecheon Stream and Hongik

So, a few weekends back I took a trip into Seoul with the main aim of heading to Dongdaemun market to have a root around – I didn’t do a very good job. I did find Dongdaemun gate which is pretty impressive as you can see, several cages of birds, thousands of pairs of shoes and the rather beautiful Cheonggyecheon stream which is somewhere I definitely have to come back to and explore… eventually I gave up on the concept of the market and headed to the area around Hongik University, which is uber cool and had some great sights… as well as an art gallery that I very much plan to go back to, it looked great but due to time constraints I only got as far as the shop! Still I got to see a giant turquoise horse on a building so what more could you want? I

These lil grey birdies were my favourites, if only they weren’t so damn noisy….

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