Getting connected…

So on Saturday before we headed into Ilsan to buy clothes me and Jen met our co-teacher in Geumcheon in order to hook ourselves up with some mobile phones. It was a rather slow but amusing experience, we both went for the cheapest options possible (you basically have to get a contract phone in Korea because Pay s you go’s involve alot of faffing around) We are paying about 13 pounds a month minimum which worked out pretty well, we both got some really cute (Samsung) phones, I went for a flip phone in a lilacy pink colour. It’s very cute. We then spent the entire hourney to Ilsan and most of the evening trying to work the phones. Figure out what we could do with them and doing all the stuff that everyone does when they have just bought a new mobile eg going through every single ring tone in order to decide which one you like the most and spending about 30 minutes trying to figure so your texts aren’t in capital letters. I hadn’t really planned on getting a mobile in Korea, however it is a country where the concept of not having a phone is an Alien concept. Everybody has phones. All my kids have phones (even the ones who are 3/4) After adding my Korean friends mobile numbers (the ones I had) I then did the very irresponsible thing of adding friends and family’s mobile numbers to the phone and sent text messages. I am a very bad person for doing this and If you have my mobile number and I ever try t0 ring you then HANG UP!!!!!! It will cost me a small fortune.

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