Itaewon is the ‘Foreigner’s area’ of Seoul and it wasn’t a place I was particularly up for visiting, I wanted to be surrounded by Korean’s when in Korea not surrounded by drunk American soldiers etc. However I had planned to go there at some point as they have a bookshop which sells English books (it was closed), they also have loads of different food places. We went to Itaewon on both Friday evening (post Zoo) and Saturday eveing for dinner. The first night heading to an All American Burger joint have a mass of comedy moments and some amazing yet pretty pricey burgers. The second night we went to this beautiful little restaurant called The Flying Pan, it sells the most amazing sandwiches, and I think I ate the most amazing Chicken and Avocado sandwich I have EVER eaten there – or maybe I just think that because I am in Korea where sandwiches are rare and buying Avocado’s would require re-mortgaging your house.

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