Korean Museum of Buddhist Art

So after hitting up Changdeokgung Palace we saw a sign informing us that a mere 250 yards up a side street was ‘The Korean museum of Buddhist Art’, not wanting to miss an opportunity and with no immediate, definite plans we went in search of the Museum. The first thing we learnt is that the distances on Korean signposts are not very accurate, about 15 minutes of walking down the street nearing the point of giving up and guessing the signpost was old we finally found the museum. As expected it was a small building, but modern and it looked impressive. We paid 10,000 won (about a fiver) and purchased a month museum pass that allowed us into five other museums, we decided it was worth it as single entrance was 5000 won. The museum was in two parts, two floors of a permanent exhibition and then 2 floors of a temporary exhibition, the lovely lady at the door gave us a great little English guide, a glass of water and a free postcard as we left. It was a great little museum, that gave a good initial insight into Buddhist art, something I am not particularly familiar with. Some of it fit with the imagined sterotype of what it would be like and some was way of the mark, I managed to get a few photos of some rather funky pieces so take a look yourself…….

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