So the other week we decided to end wasting our Sunday’s in Munsan and head into Seoul. Our first (and only) hit was Kyobo bookstore. An international bookstore in the basement of the Kyobo building. After receiving directions form the Holy Grail (Lisa Teacher) we headed off excited about the possibility of an proper bookshop. Essentially Kyobo is amazing, if a little pricey i stopped myself from buying British Vogue (it was 27000 won, around £14) which was a good thing as I found another place which sells it cheaper they just don’t have the new issue, the red one with Georgia Jagger on the cover, in stock yet. I did managed to pick up New Moon, the second installment of the Twilight set and scored myself a membership card. The area Kyobo is set in was also really interesting and managed to get some random snaps… just random things that caught my eye. I will definitely be heading back to Kyobo come pay day, it was like a little slice of heaven…

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