Seoul Museum of Art

I have been wanting to go to Seoul Museum of Art for a while, so today I decided just to get on subway and head over. It was a good decision. Seoul Museum of Art is housed in the old Supreme Court building near City Hall subway station. Its currently showing ‘City_net Asia 2009’, The Seoul Arts exhibition and permanent exhibition of the AMAZING Korean artist ‘Chun Kyung Ja’ who I am now in love with. It also cost 700 won to get in which is about 30p. Ridiculous.
City_net Asia 2009 is an annual exhibition compromising contemporary art from galleries based in Seoul, Istanbul, Tokyo and Beijing. It was great viewing and the best thing is that it closes in the next month and then the 2010 exhibition opens! Annoyingly you weren’t allowed to take photos inside, however I did buy the accompanying book so will be able to show you all at some point.
The ‘Chun Kyung Ja’ exhibition was beautiful, a retrospective of whole vein for her work, that she herself has donated. Unfortunately there was no english text accompanying the exhibition, so to learn about her I relied on google when I got home. Obviously everyone else loves her too, as the book and postcards from the exhibition had all sold out in the shop… grrr. Her work is very figurative and very colourful, almost Kahlo-esque. She also has alot of pieces inspired by literature which I loved the most. I am definitely going back.
The Seoul Arts exhibition sector, was my least favourite – mainly because I prefer paintings to creaft based art, and this season it was themed on crafts… alot of ceramics etc etc. Pretty and I could appreciate it but it just wasn’t really my cup of tea.

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