63 Building

The 63 building is one of the most recognizable features of the Seoul skyline, officially known as the Korea Life Insurance building it sits on Yeouido Island in the middle of the Han river. Its nickname ‘The 63 building’ comes from the fact that the building is 63 floors high… however this is kind of a lie as three of the floors are below ground so it is actually only 60 floors above ground. It is essentially like a mall… and contains a bunch of shops, an Aquarium, Wax museum, Imax cinema and Skyart Art gallery apparently the highest gallery in the world which contains some of the highlights of Pop art from the likes of Warhol et al. The Skyart gallery is on the 60th floor and the view of Seoul, despite it being a rather wintery foggy day was amazing… on a clear summers day it would be even better…

View from the top…

in the art gallery….. my favourite piece – apart from Warhol’s Diamond dust shoes… in Korea you can only take photos of art if there is a person in the picture… hence the shadow of Shauna Teacher in hiding!!

Message wall on the top floor… people write things about the people they love… or things like ‘The Irish were here!’… jokes…

Werid gnome garden….
Aquarium…. these sharks were fake

These penguins were are real! I LOVE PENGUINS! I was very over excited!

This penguin was soooooo cool and so close!!
This dude was touchable… however the sign said he might bite… wish i had just grabbed him and hidden him in bag
These fish were so cute! Love there lips….
Well it wouldn’t be a proper aquarium if you couldn’t find NEMO!!!!!
The wax museum of the 63 building is just weird…. they had Jesus and the entire ‘cast’ of The Last Supper…..
David Beckham………..
And ummm…….. Gandhi!
Last but not least we went to see some freaky 3D film, this is me in my specs!!!

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