Boxing day and the rest of Christmas weekend!

We though one of the benefits of being in Korea for Christmas and suffering pre-christmas temperatures of as low as minus fricking 12, would be that we got a white christmas. It wasn’t a white christmas, it was grey and cold and just pretty crap weather really. On Boxing day, or St Stephen’s Day as the Irish refer to it, me and Mary headed into Seoul and went to the Art Gallery at Deoksugung Palace and to see the Warhol exhibiton at Seul Museum of Art by City Hall, both of which were great, the best thing was that Seoul itself had recieved a smattering of Snow late on Christmas day at Seoksugung Palace was somewhat of a magical white winter wonderland. After the art, we headed for food at a Vietnamese restaurant near City Hall and then wandered down to Kyobo were I bough myself a great little christmas gift, the new (ish) Wally Lamb novel ‘ The Hour I First Believed’, I am now well into it, thanks to eleven hours on a train (more of that later) I have read his previous novels ‘I know this much is True’ and ‘She’s come Undone’ and they are both incredible. I highly recommend him to EVERYONE!

On Sunday, it snowed in Munsan, we had to go to work on Monday morning and Munsan was a beautiful snow covered winter wonderland!

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