It’s Christmas!

So Christmas eve was spent mainly at work, however as soon as we finished, we hauled ass down to the Frog and Toad in Ilsan and brought in Christmas with cocktails and a nice amount of shots! We headed back to Munsan (after a brief trip to McDonald’s, quite the place to be on Christmas Eve in Korea it seemed?! and the purchase of a rather crazy singing rasta doll!)

Christmas day was spent cooking a bunch of random food, the best we could muster with four hobs, two microwaves s steamer and a toaster oven! We ended up with quite a feast, including garlic bread, chili con carne, dokboki wrapped in bacon, hash browns, pork, veg, the amazing stuffing my fabulous Mum sent me from the Uk and a whole bunch of random deserts, including my rather brilliant Rocky Road and an amazing Christmas Cake Mary found!
We then pretty much chilled out for the rest of the day, watched Love Actually, The Holiday, Four Christmas’s, The Snowman and Father Christmas! All in all it was weird, totally bizarre but pretty cool!

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