So we left Seoul Station heading towards Busan in a blizzard on Saturday morning at around 830 am, and finally got home to our warm beds at around midnight on Sunday night. On Monday morning we woke up to around four inches of thick, proper, powdery snow. It snowed all day. It finally stopped rather late on Monday and we now have around 6-8 inches in Munsan. The Korean’s are very organised when it comes to snow, despite the fact that this snowfall is record breaking, they even started panicking. However the snow tractors were out the roads got cleared and most of Korea is now up and running as normal.

In need of food etc, me and Mary headed out into the snow and to have a gander and what state our beloved town was in!

* fyi, in the last picture, I haven’t put on 3 stone, I am just wearing about 20 layers of clothing!!

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