I should probably mention my Birthday as it was really good, I had some great cards and gifts from people back home and people here in Korea. On the wednesday night we headed out for a meal at a Galbi restaurant in Munsan followed by a few cocktails in one of the local bars. Saturday night a bunch of people headed in to Hongdae. We had a meal with one of our Korean friends before heading to a random selection of wicked bars, Oi bar, which i love for its resemblance to an Igloo, a great underground bar which let you request your own music, then we hit a club where the staff were so drunk they kept forgetting to charge people, they could also bareley mix drinks so everything came with Tequila in it. We then headed to another chilled out bar and had some wine before heading back for the evening, All in all it was a very good birthday!

I received this AMAZING cake from some friends, and it was so delicious, the pinkness tasted of strawberries and was one of the best cakes I have had for my birthday ever! (Apart from all the one’s my mum made me as a child of course!)

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