Busan day 2: Haeundae Beach

After a good night’s sleep, we woke up early and left the hotel and Seomyeon to head towards Haeundae beach about 30 minutes away on the end of the Jangsan line. Korea doesn’t have many beaches and Haeundae is possibly one of the most popular beach in Korea let alone Busan. Nothing special when it comes to beaches, I have seen far more picturesque and beautiful beaches in my lifetime but the feeling of being on a beach was just incredible, it automatically made me feel refreshed, happy and exhilerated, full of positivity towards the year of head, and already making plans of July weekends spent lying on Haeundae basking in the sun. It was January 3rd, 2010 and cold, although nowhere near the level of coldness we had left in Munsan and the beach was full of people taking walks and just enjoying life. For me being on Haeundae beach was the best bit about our trip to Busan, looking at the sea, walking on the sand and attempting to catch the experience on film. I can’t wait to get back there…

Having spent a few hours on the beach we then went for a wander around the local market, full of local ajumma’s shopping, touting, peeling and chopping – unsurprisingly there was alot of fish for sale and some great looking belts – that weren’t actually belt’s!
Next, we got back on the Jangsan line and took the subway three stops south to a stop handily named ‘Busan museum of Modern Art’ and went to visit, you’ve guessed it, Busan Museum of Modern Art. It was worth a visit and they had an excellent exhibition of about Taiwan, some of the work was beautiful and it has definitely made me want to try and visit Taiwan before I head back west – the thought was already there, especially having spent the summer at ISIS Goldsmiths!

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