Incheon Part 1

Last weekend ‘Team Tokyo’ headed to the airport in order to organise ourselves some re-entry visa’s (the visa’s we got issued with for Korea our single entry, which means if we leave Korea without clearance then it cancels out our working visa and we would be screwed). We took the handy airport bus from Munsan to the airport which took just over an hour and was good practice for when we have to catch it in Feb, after wandering around the aiport for a while, we finally found the office, filled in some forms and then waited in line to be seen. Lucky for us a charming Korean man came over and sorted us out almost straight away, so we gave in our forms handed him the 30,000 won each and let him do his thing with our passports. Not only did we get our re-entry visa’s, me and Jenny also got our money back because the English don’t have to pay due to special relations with Korea. Olleh. Unfortunately Shauna and Mary being Irish, did have to. After sorting out the visa’s we had decided to take a hike into the city area or Incheon and have a nosey around. We took a bus from the aiport which took FOREVER, but eventually ended up on some kind of high street in Incheon City. By this point it was about 3pm and we were starving and being that Incheon is a port we went in search of some kind of Seafood. Handily, close to the bus stop was a seafood restaurant so we headed in and made our orders. Jenny -soup, Mary some kind of breadcrumbed thing and Me and Shauna decided to share a Korean Pizza/Pancake thing…. Jenny’s soup arrived steaming hot to the point she couldn’t eat it, Mary’s meal arrived and so did mine and Shauna’s, but alas it wasn’t a Korean pancake but a GIANT bowl of steaming, spicey Seafood and noodles. It was IMMENSE. I have never see anything that big or red looking in my life. But it was amazing.

I am unsure of what excatly was in it – there were some good points – crabs, prawns, alot of tentacles but also some bad points, some kind of something which i tried which resembled the Kangaroo testicles the contestants on I’m a celebrity get me out of here are forced to eat. It was vile. All in all it was a good meal, and after we had finished, Jen partly gave up on her soup and got involved with the tentacles. We headed in the direction of Jayu Park, one of the major ‘things to do in Incheon’.

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