Why move over David Bailey….

I am in need of upgrading my digital camera and have been looking around at options for a while, i find it hard to buy camera’s in England let alone in Korea – especially ones that require technological knowledge! I just want something pretty and not too expensive… In the search for a potential digital camera I have also fallen in love with other types of camera – The entire Lomo family, mainly thanks to an old work colleague’s beautiful pictures (Fraser @ M1 – whose not old, I just nolonger work with him!) and the Choco Instamax. So on friday, where thanks to timetabling schedules I managed to finish work at 2pm, I legged it into Seoul and came back with the latter, a beautiful Choco Instamax, Choco for it’s stunningly gorgous colour. It is beautiful and I love it…

It is also not the most sensible practical camera i have ever owned so I am still searching. Also when it comes to Lomo’s I am currently undecided between the Holga and the Diana…. any advice is welcome

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