One Blonde in Tokyo: Senso-Ji

Sunday morning arrived and it was a beautiful bright and sunny but cold February day – perfect for exercising my new camera’s (Fujifilm digital and Chocolate brown Instamax, the Lomo is still on the wishlist). Our first destination was one of Tokyo’s ‘must see’s’, Senso-Ji Buddhist Temple. Luckily for us it was a mere two stops away on the subway, we left the hostel at 9am after some breakfast and made our way to Asakusa. The place was buzzing with people, from tourists to locals. The Temple itself is very much active, so many visit to pray as well as those to take photographs. The path strip leading up to the main temple gate is a haven of gift stalls, selling a million beautiful Japanese trinkets, postcards, tshirts, dog outfits and the like. The temple itself is stunning. Korea is full of temples but my experiences so far have been minimal, the feeling of being next to such beautifully crafted bulidings which hold such important spiritual meaning is very enlightening.

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