So the two weeks since Tokyo have been a bit of a manic blur… school is a confused mix of nobody knowing what is going on combined with a major language barrier – no i still don’t speak/understand Korean… thus have been totally rubbish at uploading the majority of new photos. Hopefully it was all come to a mighty conclusion this weekend with the Finale Talent Show… (the school year ended today and re-starts on Tuesday – they’re really into long relaxing holidays in this corner of the globe) The Talent Show is set to be total hell, the prep has been pretty damn horrendous but then what does one expect when trying to form a two hour english language production using a cast of of 4, 5 and 6 year old Korean children – they say a bad dress means a good show, i pray to god this holds true, when the kids were supposed to be onstage several were in a ball pool! (yes my school has a ball pool, it is part of a giant playcentre!) As well as the Talent Show, the darling Rebecca is returning to Chicago via India AND due to the fact its Korean independence day (Fuck You Japan day) on Monday we are also attempting to make the most of the ‘free third day’ by heading to Samcheok on the mid east coast to sample the ‘scenery’…For now, goodnight, I still need to create a costume that works as both a Dog and a Butterfly for tomorrow… I can not wait until this damned fiasco is over.

One thought on “Slacker

  1. “Works as both a dog AND a butterfly”?! Deary me poppet, it sounds like you're up against it at the moment!!! I hope you're OK though – perhaps in need of a trip to Tescos for some vino? I'm missing you lots my darlin' – have tonnes of news but didn't want to bombard you with unwanted emails – I got the flat in Trinity Gardens and have been offered a new job as well…it's all change. Reply to my email though with some goodies you're craving and I will send you a relief box, stat!

    Love you xxx

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