Adventure Korea goes to Chungju.

Adventure Korea is a travel company who co-ordinate trips around Korea for foreigners, a service which is mainly used by English teachers in order to save themselves from wasting time navigating bus routes when trying to escape their hometown. It was recommended to me by a person I met randomly in London and then again and again by friends and fellow teachers in Korea. At the beginning of March, what with our recent trip to Tokyo and Lunar New Year we decided to go a bit mental and booked three trips with the company. A trip to Chungju was our first experience of Korea, and luckily for us the company is excellent, and this is from someone who generally hates organised tour groups! The atmosphere is very relaxed, you get loads of time to see everything and the staff are just lovely. The only downside of the first trip was that it left Hongik University station at 7am on Sunday morning, meaning I had to be on the first train at 5.30 in the morning in order not to miss it!

We took the bus to Chunju Province which is around 3 hours south of Seoul, we saw a whole bunch of great sights in the area and even got to ride a ferry!

The ferry port had lots of mechanical rides. We just had to give them a go. Riding that horse has been one of my highlights of the Korean Journey so far…

The sights were BEAUTIFUL… as we headed along the lake.

I love the way the mountains just dissappeared into the sky….

We saw fisherman… they were fishing.

The most messed up Child’s toy I have ever seen. It was mechanical. When you pressed a button he thrusted… He also had a very hot girlfriend.
Me and the Adventure Korea bus!
Temple on a rock…

This has a name, but I can’t remember it. It is essentially a big cliff with a giant whole in it, it was pretty impressive to see, you could climb over the top of it, I didn’t.

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