Cuties do Talent Show

The Talent Show is an annual event hosted by the school, celebrating the talents of the fulltime English students in the Kindergarten. It was also a dreaded event for most of the staff. The dress run through somehow ended up an hour and half shorter than the actual performance length… so on the day we had to sit through 2 three hour performances. I also got roped into being on stage by my co-teacher which made the situation far worse as I had to dress up both as a Butterfly and as a Dog! The whole day was totally chaos, but the costumes the school hired made up for the fact you couldn’t hear or understand what the kids were saying for the majorit of the performance….

Backstage was chaotic. The kid in the bowl hair cut and black Unitard at the back is Peter. He was a cat and he is possibly my favourite child.
The cast lining up for an ‘adapted’ performance of Snow White
A dwarf (her character) having false eyelashes glued on. This child is Korean 7, English 6!!!!
Snow White was a great peformance….
Especially when you have a 6/7 year old kid aiming a giant gun at Snow White!!
My cuties doing their performance of the Lost duckling. I was a butterfly in this bit, the kids came up to my knees!!
The end A performance, with sign language, of a horrific song called ‘Mommy I Love You’… it made you want to vomit. Alot. All the kids also wore MJ Style white gloves. So classy.

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