Before my schedule re-shuffle I took my camera into work and got some cute pictures of all the kids I teach. It was pretty lucky really, on the last day (when I didn’t have my camera) My co-teacher told me that two of my favourite students Brian and Rebecca, weren’t coming back. I was nearly in tears….

This is Brian and he is so cool, its disgusting. Unfortunately his parents decided to move house and now he goes to another school…
Rebecca, another quitter. Her parents decided to send her to Elementary school a year early!

I still have these kids. But they are now in a class of seven, as opposed to four. Amy was away today.
This angel, has bitten me twice, punches other kids and spits on the floor. Apart from that shes pretty cool.
Such a brainiac
Eight girls and only one boy. He is the cutest boy but some of the girls are devils…

Uber cool big kids, they got take away from me…. they get Mary Teacher now.

The kid on the lower left is AMAZING, she made me the best birthday card in the world. Her name is Lois

My favourite kids. They are soo cool I once bought them pizza just for the hell of it. I don’t teach them now… WAAAH

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