Incheon Part 2

Pictures I promised from our trip to Incheon. Like I said previously, we went to the airport to pick up our visa’s for our Tokyo Trip, whilst we were there we thought we would go and see Incheon City itself. We went for a wander on the streets, took in ‘China Town’ the biggest china town in Korea, and went up to Jayu Park and saw the statue of General Douglas McArthur who was an important guy during the Korean War… The are was beautiful and although these shots were taken with my rubbish Korean phone camera, the way the light fell alot of them came out looking rather beautiful… well thats what I think anyhow…

Jayu Aprk had lots of random things to see. Like this statue….

And this statue….
Their signs were pretty….
And they had this giant random wooden pipe…
A whole menagerie of birds…
The statue of General Douglas McArthur…
A pretty cool view over the port…

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