One Blonde in Tokyo: Imperial Palace Gardens

We walked from some random train station through the ‘City’ of Tokyo to reach the Imperial Palace Gardens, alot of the gardens and the palace itself is not accesible, because the Emperor is very much in residence and is only seen in public twice a year. This appearance does not happen for Lunar New Year. The city, is essentially similar to the City of London, were all the important business in Japan have offices – banks etc. However unlike the City, This are eas more in the style of Canary wharf but newer, shinier and on a larger scale. We passed through into the park, managing to get caught in the middle of a bike race – I am not sure how serious the race was and if it indeed was a race as there were several individuals on the classic tandem’ bike…. When we walked into the gardens, they were beautiful. And also to look back to see the backdrop of the gardens, the palace buildings juxtaposed with the modern architecture of the city was somewhat beautiful. I also got my first glimpse of the infamous Japanese Cherry blossom, which was rather early to bloom and surrounded by people, like me taking photographs.

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