One Blonde in Tokyo: Things that caught my eye

Korea is a strange country, a country whose personality I am ‘getting used to’ so to speak, by this mean the random daily sights are becoming less and less photographed, however In Tokyo I was in camera obsessive mode and here are selection of the ‘random’ pictures I took, of things around and about. Things I found interesting for a variety of different reasons…

Pretty mural on a street in central Tokyo….

Mermaid poster inside bakery…

Sign on subway, I find this intriguing for various reaons. Partly because its a nice gesture, letting women have a carriage to themselves during peak hours and partly because I guess it stops women getting groped by pervy men on the way to work… What does this really say about Japanese men??

View from the bridge near our hostel is Asakusabashi….. I like boats and water

Taking photos of birds is something I have always liked doing – especially photos of seagulls

Random bunny on the street….

Random street, random house… I liked the bicycle.

Uber cool Korean dude, leather jacket, leather shorts, leather boots and a leather rucksack with very bling gold speakers!

‘Please do it at home’. Good advice on the Tokyo subway…

Beautiful, if a little expensive bakery in Shibuya… I loved the way these cakes looked and yes I can confirm they tasted great.

Emporio Armani, A Church, Gucci……..

Japanese dogs. Pimped to the max.

Shop entrance in Harajuku…..I liked the rabbit, very Alice in Wonderland

I wish I could ride this bus everyday…. possibly the best bus in the world.

The Japanese love graphic novels, age doesn’t matter…

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