One Blonde in Tokyo: Tsukiji Fish Market

Tsukiji Fish Market is the biggest Fish Market in the world, for a girl who loves to eat anything resembling a tentacle it was a must visit. It also has the best Sushi in Japan, apparently, we tested it and it was indeed AMAZING! We went to Tsukiji on Monday, our last day in Tokyo and unfortunately it was pouring down with rain. The best time to visit the market is around 5am, when the market opens and the auctions are in full swing, we however rocked up at 11am and still saw some amazing sights.

More seagulls….. because were there is fish, there are seagulls.

oooh tentacles…
Pink tentacles….
This dude had probably been gutting fish since around 5am this morning… by the time we met him, he was on the verge on insanity…. the things he did to the fish were just wrong, and luckily my friend managed to get a video.
Fish – mid gutting session…
Fish – nearly done…
Awww poor fishy….

Mmmm Sushi Menu…. we queued for around an hour in the rain to get into the restaurant, it only sat 12 and it was definitely worth the wait
My selection….. pure heaven, I could have eaten it ten times over, but unfortunately my wallet wouldn’t allow me to.

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