Miscellany of my life

Converse low tops – Converse, these are standard Korean footwear
Tortoiseshell sunglasses – Street stall
Print dress – Ilsan
I heart Tokyo Tshirt – Tokyo
Bizarre fluro Jesus soaps – Gift from Student
Japanese emperor fluoro coaster set – Tokyo
Matrioshka Doll – Incheon
Matrioshka snowglobe – formerly part of the bar decor at Oi Bar in Hongdae. I bought it off them on NYE after too many cockatails.
Hat – Aland 3rd floor vintage market
Pink bag – Aland – I first saw this at 2 in the morning in Hongdae but didn’t possess the ability to buy, it I found it five months later when sober…
Choco Instamax
Orange M&M’s – Tokyo
Miffy tape – Alpha stationary
Photo – Shauna Browne
Star Fruits Drago Fruits Nivea lipsalve – Family mart – I have three tubes because I always loose it
Hello Kitty contact lense case – because I had too
Scarf – H&M Seoul
Notepad – stolen from Old Rock in Ilsan – normally used for song requests. The owner looks like a hybrid of John Lennon and Yoko Ono. He’s about fifty.

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