What’s Sick?

I am. I am on the verge of death –

my head feels like its currently hosting some kind of elephant dancing competition
my throat feels like it has a samurai sword down it,
I have lost all sense of smell, and therefore taste. My Korean colleagues were very impressed when I ate some uber spicey dokboki at work… i was hoping it would clear my sinuses… it didn’t.
My body feels like its been crushed by a brigade of tanks on exercise.
I blame, entirely my Wonder 7-1 students, formerly Wonder 6-1 who were the reason for my past near death experience. The reason being is they are all currently diseased with evil Korean germs and have the inability to cover the mouths when coughing or sneezing, or dispose of used tissues, that is when they choose a tissue over their sleeve. I love them but right now they are KILLING ME!

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