The Big Screen…

So i am utterly terrible at going to the cinema, normally its due to the overpriced tickets, however now its due to… well communication issues. Luckily most of the English films are shown in Korea and most of them are shown in English with Korean subtitles however trying to find a cinema, get there in time and managing to catch a showing that hasn’t been dubbed is something i just don’t enter into… however there was this one time, in Busan, I managed to watch Sherlock Holmes and it pretty excellent. I have instead become somewhat addicted to downloads… and although I have only managed to get just one visit to the cinema thus far, i can offer review of the following

The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus: Good, didn’t realise quite how much Lily Cole was in it, and wished they had used Johnny a wee bit more than Colin… Heath was pretty immense and it is worth a viewing…
An Education: Well what with the Oscar, Bafta malarkey over Carey Mulligan, it had to be done eventually – I was kind of surprised I enjoyed it, yet thought the whole concept was minorly ridiculous, I mean come on would you let your sixteen your old daughter date a guy who looked like he was in his thirties??
Cracks: I read something about it and having been wanting to see it for a while. Rather overly weird in places, but good… Eva Green is pretty impressive, her decline is intriguing…
Whip It: Drew’s directorial debut, also starring the fabulous Ellen Paige. A film about roller derby that is pretty darn wicked.
Up: Watched on the plane to Tokyo… so not technically a download but still – The Old man is adorable, the boyscout is the cutest thing ever, but seriously the thing with dogs is just one step too weird.
Crazyheart: I watched it because I love and adore Maggie, I also liked this film… in the same way I liked Walk the Line – I watched it, didn’t think I would like it, didn’t love it – but there was something.
The Time Traveller’s Wife: Read the book, had to watch the film… it was good preferred the book…
The Lovely Bones: Read the book and was utterly intrigued about how they would have managed to make a film, without destroying it, it was beautiful and I cried – several times – I would even dare to use the word ‘haunting’…
My Sister’s Keeper: My mum has an obsession with Jodie Picoult, so I watched it for her. I watched it when I was feeling depressed and homesick which was a really bad move on my part. Even if I had just one of the lottery and married Johnny Depp then I would still have bawled my way through this…
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button: I was very late in the game on this way, my attempt to catch up on Oscar nominations from last year BEFORE this years was done and dusted. I mainly watched it for Brad, but it was genuinely good, It is now being shown constantly on Korean TV and I have seen it around four times…
Revolutionary Road: What would have happened if Leo hadn’t died on the Titanic. Kind of predictable, depressing and the ending could have been toned down a little.
Changeling: I liked it, Ange rocked. Didn’t know what was coming, genuinely intrigued by the whole thing… would watch it again, luckily it is also know being killed by Korean television, so i have been able to watch it again
Couples Retreat: Totally rubbishly hilarious.
The Hangover: Surprisingly good, I HAVE to go to Vegas. The dentist just rocks!
New Moon: Not as good as Twilight. I am so Team Edward.
Julie & Julia: Love, love, loved. As soon as I get back to England I am buying the book and I am totally in angst over the fact I don’t have an oven in Korea. Amy Adams rocks. She is also good in ‘Sunshine Cleaning’, which I watched in Leicester Square during a rainy ISIS shift…
The Yes Man: Love the book, the film is good, but it’s just SO American…
Avatar: Good, but lets be honest, Its Ferngully for 2010. Ferngully will always be my favourite…
The September Issue: OBSESSED. Shortly after watching it I managed to purchase an amazing Anna Tshirt in Ilsan… I would quite like a Grace one too match..
Fantastic Mr Fox: I’ll be honest, not as good as I’d hoped…. The animation is beautiful but, its just a bit… draggy
Four Christmases: I downloaded it and watched it for Christmas. Funny, but only really at Christmas.
Adventureland: Its got Kristen Stewart and Ryan Reynolds in it. Really really good, the Soundtrack is amazing… I shall probably invest in the DVD
He’s just not that into you: I read the book in the summer, it came free with UK Glamour, it was essentially drivel but Ginnifer Goodwin is really good… and I liked ScarJo’s apartment. I was going to watch this one on the plane, but went for Confessions of a Shopaholic instead. I chose bad.
Marley and Me: Kind of cute, but also kind of annoying. I just felt sorry for Jennifer Anniston. That says alot considering how much I love Angelina.
Where the Wild Things Are: Good, I cried, beautifully made, and just kind of beautiful. Watch It.
Those are just a select few, They’re have been more and there will be more to come… I like watching films, I like writing but when it comes to film reviews, as you can see I am rather useless…

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