Adventure Korea does the DMZ: Photos

The De-Militarized Zone is a 4km stretch that seperates the North and South of Korea, an aftermath of the Korean War, there was no peace agreement they simply ‘drew a line at the 38th paralell and split Korea in two. The first stop on any tour is Imjingak, a town on the border, a ten minute taxi drive from Munsan. On arrival at Imjingak two things occured, firstly, the fear of being even closer to the North and secondly the fact that Imjingak has a funfair…

As well as funfair, which we didn’t explore, you are greeted by a large collection of tanks, and some beautiful commemorative statues and sculptures… this one I loved, the structure and the representation…

We headed further into Imjingak, to the ‘shrine’, a wall in which South Koreans visit to leave messages and prayers for relatives and friends in the South, people who they will probably never see again.

Freedom bridge, is the main militairy exit and entrance into the North, and into Panjumeon.

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