Living on the Frontline

As well as trying hard to give my blog a massive update I also feel I need to mention the current political situation in South Korea. On March 26, The Cheonam, a South Korean ship sank killing 46 sailors. Last week, a report proved that a North Korean torpedo was behind the incident. The North have denied this, despite the signature found on the torpedo, and have threatened ‘severe action’. A phrase that has made me somewhat scared. Words have been going back and forth between Kim Jong-Il in the North, Lee Myung-Bak in the South, China who share the Northern border of the North and USA who have been in Korea since the demarcation 60 years ago. Threats are being made, sanctions imposed. The North have exiled South Korean officials from Kaesong, and the South have stated they will no longer send workers to Kaesong, although I did read that a train left this morning as usual. If I was in the Uk, it is fair to say my interest would be elsewhere, I would more likely to be interested in the fact that Cheryl Cole has started divorce proceedings against Ashley. But alas I am not, i am a hop skip and a jump from the border, a ten minute taxi journey, around 4 miles. I am going with the concept of keep your friends close and your enemies close, don’t panic until the Koreans panic and have a plan of action… And as I type, fearing for imminent attack, the sound of the jets earlier in the evening still ringing in my ears, trying to gain information from the BBC News, I hear the International football scores…

North Korea 2: Greece 2.
*I feel that as a former wannabe hack, i should embrace the writer within me and I am currently working on a piece that is more detailed as to what the feck is going on…*

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