The Austen marathon continues…

After the completion of Emma I decided to take a temporary celebratory break from my mammoth text, however it was not before long that I rejoined Jane and delved into ‘Persuasion’. Persuasion is destined to be my favourite of the Austen texts, the relationship between Anne Elliot and Frederick Wentworth kept me glued to the text and I swallowed it down in a matter of days. Not only is Persuasion probably my favourite Austen book, it is also now one of my favourite books. Yes I have only read two so far, well actually I have started the infamous Pride and Prejudice it’s going slowly, slower than Persuasion but far easier than Emma, now I have become somewhat accustomed to Austen’s language and sentence structure. As yet, it’s not a patch on Persuasion but I have only 14 weeks left in Korea and 4 texts left to read so i need to get cracking…. I also have a copy of ‘Great Expecations’ waiting for me, however that is far more portable than the doorstop that is ‘The Complete Novels of Jane Austen’…

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