Ewha Womens University

According to the guidebooks, Ewha womens university, near both Sincheon and Hongdae is a shopping mecca, having rinsed my bank account in Hongdae that morning I was hoping this fact wasn’t quite true but alas it was, luckily one of my few purchases was a mid sized rucksack for my upcoming trip to Vietnam, along with a beautiful but somewhat impractical cotton floral playsuit (I would like to point out I have worn it on a night out and it is in said rucksack waiting to go to Vietnam tomorrow, so not quite as impractical as I thought!) The university itself is the reason for the shops, being a university for women, and women love to shop! We didn’t go for a major look around but from what we saw, it looked beautiful, old buildings set in a green spaces, very classic, with a european feeling. After having a wander, and trying to tighten the pursestrings we ended up having cake and coffee in yet another themed cafe, this time the ‘Charlie Brown’ cafe, decked out with all of the characters from the Peanuts cartoon strip, I was hoping to be able to update my ancient Snoopy pillowcase, but alas the array of merchandise on offer did not extend to bedding…. i will just have to scour ebay instead…

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