Hello Kitty

July started with a to-do list, being that I leave Korea at the start of September there were certain things I wanted to ‘check off’ before leaving and many of these things were set for the summer months. One of the first things was the rather silly trip to the ‘Hello Kitty’ cafe located in Hongdae, Seoul. Hello Kitty, is an asian phenomenon hated by feminists due to her lack of ‘mouth’ and thus inability to ‘speak’…. created by Japanese toymaker Sanrio, the cute little Kitty is just as popular in Korea as with their neighbours. Having spent the past year collecting all manner of werid Hello Kitty memorabillia and consumables, everything from Hello Kitty floss and toothpaste, to earrings. I had somewhat of a yearning to visit the eyecatching cafe.

The company has gone full wack with all things Kitty and indeed all things pink, everything is emblazoned with the logo from the mugs, glasses and sandwich wrappers to the awesome Japanese robot toilet! A sea of pink and fluff, the food and beverages on offer are simple cafe food; smoothies and cafe to sandwiches and ice cream sundaes. The cafe also sells a wide range of merchandise. Thus our morning in Hongdae started well, with sandwiches pink lemonade, I left have photographed the building to within an inch of its life and having purchased both handmade cookies (obviously in the shape of Hello Kitty and friends) and a bag of fresh coffee…

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