Suwon, was one of those things to do in Korea, that I felt i couldn’t leave Korea without doing… a fortress used during the Korean war, that required an hours train journey south of Seoul, getting lost in the steaming hot streets of Suwon and finally finding out where all the Ajoshhis of Korea hang out when their Ajumma wives and busy injuring people on transport, drinking Soju on coaches or climbing mountains…. The answer?? They hang out in parks playing board games….

The fortress was just how one imagined it to be, however we did find ‘National Treasure No 1’..

One thought on “Suwon

  1. Hi~ ^^
    I am reading your writing.
    Of course, I dont understand all writing. Because I know english a little. ^^;
    But I am happy with reading your writing.
    I live in Suwon. When i saw pictures of Hwaseong, I was very glad. ^^
    (You know, that fortress name is Hwaseong.)
    Thanks for you who visited in Korea.
    I'm going to read your writing. ^^
    Good bye~!

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