The reason I started… (90% sure)

no idea, but I love it SO much it’s my laptop background, I know the photographer is Mary Ellen Mark, i just don’t know how I obtained the image!
Etsy,com – I am kicking myself for not purchasing… OR
Erin Wasson for the
this blog was because I enjoy reading blogs, especially aesthetically pleasing blogs. My laptop is crammed with images gleaned from fellow bloggers and random websites. Here are some images that make me keep blogging. And for those who are interested, this blog will continue when I am back in London, in 3 1/2 weeks time. – The blog that does it for me. Thanks to Tommy’s food photography I have a ‘restaurant to visit list’ as long as the M25, 5 times around.
I love pugs, and I love Taylors kaftan almost as much as I love the below pug.

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