Child’s I

The Child’ s i foundation is a charity my friend Claire ‘introduced ‘ me to, a british born Ugandan based charity that has set up a home for abandoned babies for more detailed information check out their

The reason I am mentioning this charity, is because a time comes around when one feels its time to get more involved in charitable work, whether it be age, or being in Korea, I made a step a few weeks back to ‘mentally’ get involved more, in anyway I could.
Child’s i seemed an obvious choice, due to my awareness and the involvement of my friend Claire, who was not only involved on a base level but was also part of the team when they initially went out to Uganda last December to start with the set-up of the project, she is somewhat of a film making genius and created some beautiful short docs documenting the ‘start’…
You can have a look here –
It was this story that came to light last week that made me make the step up…
That made me write this rather pathetic post, basically stating how awesome and amazing this charity is, and how everyone should be aware of the work they are doing.
Also to say a good luck and all the best to Lucy Buck, who set up the charity who is doing a fecking amazing job!

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