two and a half weeks…

Things I will miss…
1. The people – From my Munsan wonderland homegirls Jenny & Mary, to those Geumcheon rivals (Shauna I mean you!) , to the genuinely fabulous ‘waeguk’s’ I have met along the way…
To the Korean staff I work with in particularly Jenny Teacher!
And my AMAZING students
in particular the following – the kid who i still plan to hide in my suitcase – His name is U Shin/Peter. I can not express how much I adore him. I need to get more photos and video before I leave. I’m sure it wont be that hard. HE ROCKS
2. The food. What’s a meal without Kimchi?? That’s almost a joke, it’s the seafood, the amazing seafood, the raw fish, the recently discovered Squid Sundae, Koreans and their way with fish will always have a place in my heart, or should that be stomach. Korean cakes. Because they are amazing, Korean pizza. Because it is also amazing. GALBI!!!!
3. The clothes – Hongdae, Dongdaemun, Meyong-dong, La festa, Western Dome and all that is in between, especially the place in Munsan, the one with the plastic swing doors, near the sex shop. Topshop is just NOT the same.
4. Peter – I LOVE HIM. truly
5. Downloading movies – because in Korea, it’s okay.
7. Bars that open all night, and bars like MAX PAPER, in Hongdae – which when you turn up worse for wear at 4am, give you a blanket and let you go to sleep (until they wake you up with very loud Argentian Tango music)
8. Not quite knowing what your going to get when you place a food order
9. Mountain Dew – because in Korea, it’s everywhere!
10. Having my own apartment.
Things I wont miss…
1. Squat toilets
2. Taking your shoes off, i understand the hygiene issue, (not compared with the state of the toilets) however I always have that ‘Carrie Bradshaw at a babyshower Sex and the City Moment’… you know what I mean
3. Ajumma RAGE
4. Being called russian
5. Having to wear far too many clothes in extreme heat and humidity because of etiquette
6. Being followed around shops whenever you enter – I NEED MY SPACE
7. PRESSURE – On the kids.
8. Not quite knowing what your going to get when you place a food order
9. That it’s okay to wack kids with sticks. It’s not.
10. Having my own apartment
1. My mum
2. Family & Friends
3. Proper Wine, in particular Rose
4. Food – Pitta, hummus, avocado, Indian food, moroccan food, dairy milk, beetroot, herring roll mops
5. Blonde hair dye & Batiste dry shampoo
8. Swimming Pools.
9. Lack of unbearable humidity
10. Understand what the feck is going on…

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