Dr Fish

Dr Fish is a process in which you stick your tootsies into a bath full of fish and they eat away the dead skin. I have been meaning to have this experience for a while, but finding the time to get to Gangnam from Munsan has always been a bit of an issue, it’s just so out the way. Anyhow, a few weeks ago I decided that this Saturday the 21st of August would be the day. It’s also the designated day to do everything in Seoul I will kick myself if I don’t do (War museum, Leeum Art museum, Jongymo Shrine) all bits that i’ve planned to do but never actually made it. The process is apparently painless but rather ticklish, it’s also really cheap, around 2000 won for 15 minutes ish, (about £1).

However, thanks to last weekends jaunt to Sokcho, where i decided to wear my flipflops on the Sunday, get them sodding wet by walking in the sea, cover them in sand and then walk around in them for a further 8 plus hours a now have a feck off blister on my right foot and can’t go. I’m not happy. Apparently your feet have to be free from any ‘mank’ such as cuts or scabs or weak skin etc because the fish are stupid and will just eat it off you, so then it gets even worse.
I’m praying that the stupid blistererous monster will heal itself so I can just wake up early and go next weekend, before I go to Dragon Hill, if not the Dragon Hill ladies are sure to just bash off the dead skin anyway, and then I wont need Dr Fish…
Still, the whole thing sucks.

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