Sunday goings on

Well, contrary to the post title, I’m not really going anywhere, instead i’m just hanging in my apartment and indulging myself in the fact I don’t really have to do anything, if I don’t want to. So far, i’ve watched a bizarre film called ‘Russian Doll’ with Hugo weaving, ‘F@llow me’ on OnStyle, a program I am relatively obsessed with despite the fact it’s Korean, and I have no idea what’s actually going on! I’m now into my third hour of ANTM re-runs, and the most productive thing I have done is wander downtown for further indulgence (buy nice food). I came back with, amongst other things a ‘Pink cloud’ from Tous Le Jours, a french korean cake shop, which was so beautiful and so tasty i totally forgot to take a photo, which just gives me an excuse to buy another one before I leave…. Today is clearly one of those days where i’m saying ‘F*uck food intolerance’s, it’s so pretty!’……..

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