Final hours

My plane leaves in less than 35 hours, I still have a full day of teaching ahead of me and a dinner with my fabulous Korean friends. This has been an AMAZING, INCREDIBLE year and I have totally loved it, although right now my feet are itchy as hell and I just want to board that plane! The new adventure is about to begin, first stop after Korea is Kuala Lumpur, then back to fabulous blighty, home of burgundy passports and my amazing family and friends. The next week is all change, as I get my haircut, enroll in Uni, finish the pre-course coursework/reading and hang out with my bestest friends. I am so excited/nervous/anxious i feel like i may vomit. The tension was relieved when, despite having to post yet ANOTHER box home, i managed to get my suitcase to 18 kilos!

for those that care
I plan to ‘tweet’ my way home…. for the entire journey of approximately 45 hours door to door.

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