I promise you an update…. soon

So, not only am I back in blighty I have also made a permanent return to London after a week squatting on my friend’s sofa. My postgrad started with gusto last week, and is continuing at a rate of knots under mid June 2011 so posts maybe come in mass spurts as opposed to regular updates (I am a bad blogger, for this I am sorry) I have spent the entire weekend moving my entire life in cars and on trains to E2, then proceeded to spend the afternoon trekking across to Kilburn to spend my student grant on Beetroot and Orange chutney, Dill sauce, beetroot cake and some gorgeous red wine, before returning to my little cupboard of a room to attempt some engagement with; the giant pile of suitcases containing clothes sat too close to the door, the mounting pile of papers on the deskchair, the wodge of a reading list and the internet (made much easier thanks to the purchase of Iphone4, however need to fix Mac in order to make the thing work as it is supposed to do). I promise you as soon as I have unearthed some batteries I will publish the last of my Korean photos and a select few of my favourites, Kuala Lumpur photos and the steady growing collection of British photography… I also have some Holga shots of Imjingak waiting to be developed so they may also arrive… but for now I’m off to study, sleep and live the gruelling new life of ‘One Blonde Trainee Teacher in East London’…

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