Half term holidays!!

So I arrived back in the UK 7 weeks ago and have barely had time to breathe. The PGCE has taken over my life, I am sleeping, eating, breathing and socialising in relation to teaching English for secondary pupils… however it’s now officially half term and I have a few hours to kill, in which I am supposed to be packing, before a head off on a 4 day holiday to Ibiza to meet my lovely friend Sarah, who is out there on a longer holiday with her family. As much as I love being back in the UK and in London, I need a breather and a chilled out few days lounging on a beach on the White Isle is just what the doctor ordered! I will of course be taking my camera and attempting to get some classic artistic tourist shots(?) wherever possible, however the main agenda will be a. A tan, b. much needed relaxation and c. unfortunately a rather large amount of planning. It maybe halfterm, however on Monday my first schools placement begins and I have lessons to prepare for, but more of that later. For now I shall commence my entry back into the blogging world with some beautiful, imaged based entries of what the feck has been going on!

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