Kuala Lumpur and the road home…

My flight from Seoul to London was via Kuala Lumpur and I got to spend a staggering 18 hours in transit!! After landing at around 430pm, I went through customs, (mainly to get a stamp), checked in my excessive amounts of hand luggage and duty free and despite being exhausted took the KLIA express train into the centre of town. At Seoul airport, I had met a fabulous turbaned gentleman who had given me some great ideas of where to head, however as one could have guessed as soon as I ended up in the main train station, surrounded by busy malaysians and confronted by a host of ticket machines that had somewhat of a vendetta against me, i nearly burst into tears and went back to the aiport, instead i bit my lip, begged for help and reduced the original plan to a trip to one of KL’s major malls, right under the Petronas Towers, which in all honesty were the main thing I wanted to see. I squashed myself onto a very crowded subway train, eventually ending up in the giant mall. I tried to get up to the top of the towers, but alas the previous 30 minute meltdown meant they were now closed until the next morning. Instead I attempted some photographs, chugged on some Malaysian cigarettes and wandered around a huge mall, for approximately 5 hours. What’s more amazing was that I didn’t go crazy with the shopping, but that was more to do with the fact I had so much crap already, that I couldn’t really carry much more as handluggage, they did have a rather big TopShop, the first I had seen since February during my trip to Tokyo, I fell i love with a beautiful top that I have since tried to track down in the UK and failed miserable, it was white, cotton and lace stripes, gorgeous so if anyone sees it please tell me! After twenty million different stores, I found a restaurant to crash in, and crash I nearly did, almost falling asleep whilst I ate some kind of curried fish? It was around 11pm when I gave up and got a cab back to the airport and not wanting to spend the night on a bench, I took the ‘luxurious’ option of checking myself into the in terminal transit hotel, best decision ever. By the time I hit the mattress I was starting to feel rather horrendous, with a major headache and aching joints. I passed out for 6 hours (all I was allowed) had a shower and went off to kill the further 3/4 hours I had before my flight took off. I eventually boarded the joyous 13 hours flight to London at around 915am… a window seat next to two fabulous people, who were obviously partial to a bit of cake, and found myself somewhat wedged into my seat. WORST FLIGHT EVER! The woman next to me also had some issues with her leg, and was unable to move out of her chair, for me to use the bathroom, which during a 13 hour flight was neccessary on more than one occasion, meaning that I had to literally use gymnastic skills to leap across her! It probably wont surprise anyone that I sucombed to drinking several glasses of red wine during the flight to keep me sane. I was very excited when I caught sight of a London bus below me, and we eventually landed, a fantastic 90 minutes early!

Me and my co-teacher, Jenny Teacher!
The plane from Seoul to Kuala Lumpur
Waiting at the gate, the same gate I was at for my trip to Vietnam a month earlier!
Kimchi on the plane! I was a good Korean and ate it all
Possibly India – I actually have no idea…I just remember getting snap happy when I flew over India.
Exhausted on the KLIA express
First glimpse of KL city
KL city from the train
Too close to take a decent photo of the Petronas Towers in daylight!
Random malaysian food – chicken curry with noodles…
The Petronas Towers at night… stunning!
Plane from KL to London.
Nearly in England!
And we have landed… back on English soil/concrete tarmac, for the first time in 369 days!

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