Every year I make New Year’s resolutions and every year I break them on the first day, mainly because something occurs which destroys them eg. Last years ‘Don’t eat junk food during January’ failed miserably as I was hungover and only a Lotteria takeaway burger would suffice.  However, maybe if I put more effort in I will actually get somewhere. In no particular order of importance my NYE resolutions for the year 2011 are as follows

1. Loose a stone
2. Save money
3. Buy quality not quantity
4. Tidy on a regular basis
5. Eat healthily and exercise.
6. Read more

The standard six, will probably always be the standard six, unless fingers crossed this year I develop a passion for exercise and obtain a vast wad of cash from somewhere. Number 3 stems from buying pointless amounts of budget crap that falls apart when I should just grit my teeth and pay more (mainly in reference to clothes) I have already attempted at No 1 and No 5, by booking a BMF taster session and enquiring about Yoga classes (and the way they work out their concessions prices – No2?)

7. Meditate
8. Travel more (I have booked a holiday to Amsterdam for Feb already…)
9. Contemplate learning to drive
10. Be more organised (It would help if I could find the paper version of my resolutions I scawled out earlier in the day)
11. Pass PGCE (obviously)
12. Find a nice flat (Not to buy, just one that isn’t full of psychotic morons)
13. Cook more (Sophie Dahl shall help me with this)
14. Go to the library (and don’t get fines!)

One thought on “Resolutions….

  1. Darling, everyone knows NYRs don't start until the 2nd January – unless you're booking into a detox programme on NYE it's a legal requirement to scarf at least half a pound of lard on the 1st. Good luck with the BMF though! Atteeeeeeeeeeention!! x

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