Resolutions update.

Okay, so I made two lists of Resolutions – the original list and a secondary list inspired by Alice Du Parcq in the Times Style and enforced by my friend Ali. I would love to turn around and tell you that despite it being barely february that I am a super thin, rich and bendy and spend my days driving around London but that would be a lie.

I am however going to try and keep it positive. This month, being January I cooked two new versions of my ‘classic recipes’ in preparation for the cooking of two new recipes this month! The first was a Lemony, chickeny, spinachy risotto for a dinner with some friends and the second was a new take on a Chili Con Carne, where I essentially learnt that Hot Pepper Sauce is not a brilliant idea and its the lager/beer and sweet chili sauce that really makes it (and a worcestershire if there’s some to hand). Oh well. Onwards and upwards. February’s recipes shall both be taken from ‘Miss Dahl’s Voluptuous Delights’ cookbook which was a much desired Christmas gift, however despite reading it about 5 times cover to cover (I love her) I have failed to cook any of the recipes! That is now going to change as I attempt ‘My dad’s chicken curry’ p112 and ‘Buttermilk chicken with smashed sweet potatoes’ p119, both are taken from the Winter suppers section and I shall let you know my progress and try and remember to take photos and possibly even some quotes from tasters!

Yoga. Was going really well, until I screwed my shoulder and now it’s on the back burner. My pain threshold is not that great! Also, I’m back teaching this week so i’m not entirely sure a 9am Saturday class is going to workout as the most suitable option.

Reading More. My course is prominently based on Practical Teaching, Lesson Planning, Observations and such forth. We also have two rather hefty written projects to complete, of which I am currently smack bang in the middle of the first one… thus I have been reading an awful lot but subject matter has been predominantly related to Teaching, Teaching English, Teaching Poetry, Teaching Media, Teaching Reading, Teaching English Heritage Literature, Teaching Theories and Assessment. I did however get through a copy of Cherries in the Snow by Emma Forrest. I have few comments to say about that as still find it totally borders on heinous trash and wit. Some of it I love, some made me want to rip the book in half and throw it in a bin, harsh words from someone that cares more about some of her books than they do members of her family!

Anyhow, hopefully I shall do better at the resolutions this month, although let’s be honest, don’t expect miracles unless my trip to Amsterdam gives me some weird kind of stomach bug, or I get salmonella from the chicken cooking.

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