Susan Hiller

Monument (Image 1) Witness (Image 2) and Dedicated to the Unknown Artists were probably my favourite pieces from Susan Hiller’s exhibition at the Tate Britain.

Having purchased Tate Membership back in the Autumn I have been a frequent visitor to Tate Modern, but terrible at visiting Tate Britain, thus missing amongst others the Edward Muybridge exhibit which I am still kicking myself about! Now that Pimlico is technically on my way home if I go via the Victoria Line, it means Tate Britain is easy access to in the need to calm my brain I decided to drop by after work and see what was going on (aka ensure I get my moneys worth from my Membership and just go and see everything) Tate Etc is still sat in its packaging under a pile of books on Educational Pedagogy and even so, the chance of me ever choosing to go and see the work of ‘Susan Hiller’ was slim to none, I’ve never heard of her or heard anything about her or seen the exhibit advertised.

Turns out, I should definitely experiment more so because it was one of the best exhibitions I have seen in the Uk for a LONG time. I had no idea what to expect and just found all of her work both interesting and beautiful.  According to the guide that accompanies the exhibition, Hiller was born in the USA in 1940 but has lived and worked in Britain since the seventies, her work is based on ‘overlooked and ignored aspects of our culture’ and presented in a combined media/installation method.  The exhibition, which is the largest yet and rather packed with work, is essentially a discussion of memory, language and imagination.

Again, apologising for my atrocious ability to comment on art, I am just going to make a brief reference to my favourite pieces.

Monument – A collection of memorial plaques inspired by the discovery of a neglected monument in a park in the City of London.

Witness – This INCREDIBLE sound based piece which transmits stories in a variety of languages. The atmospheres is just amazing. I love it and it just seems so relevant considering all of the recent work I have been involved in about Spoken Language study.

Dedicated to the Unknown Artists- A collection of seaside postcards

The brevity of my comments if simply a shallow explanation of what the pieces are, they are about alot more than what I say due to Hiller’s involvement within them.

The exhibition is at Tate Britain until 15th May her website is

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